About Us

This blog is updated by Karen Hertsgaard, as part of cooperative efforts with the Plant Breeding and Genomics CoP. Articles regarding barley will be posted here to keep growers up-to-date on the latest issues.

An eXtension page dedicated to barley resources, tailored specifically to growers is also available.

What Can Be Found?

  • Production Resources
    Regional information on topics important to barley is necessary to optimize production and is provided through organizations, universities and research and extension centers.
  • Uses for Barley
    Barley is primarily used for malt and beer production, and secondarily as animal feed. It is also used for human consumption, biofuel and algal control. This information is provided by organizations, university, USDA and private research laboratories and industry.
  • General Information about Barley Production and Breeding
    Background information on barley, not found in other locations, can be accessed from several websites and documents.
  • Barley Resources for Educators
    Resources for use in providing educational programs for barley growers, producers and others are available.

View these resources for barley growers at http://www.extension.org/pages/32458/barley-information-for-growers